Hog Trapping in Southeastern Oklahoma

Johnny Heskett, of McAlester, smokes a cigarette before starting a hunting trip on the South Canadian River near Indianola, Okla., Friday, July 6, 2012. Photos by Garett Fisbeck, The Oklahoman

Johnny Heskett and Josh Kinsey drive along a rive, looking for places to set up traps.

Johnny Heskett peers out of his ATV, looking for hog tracks.

Johnny Heskett points out hog tracks on the bank of the South Canadian River.

Johnny Heskett prepares bait to be set on a hog trap.

Hog tracks on the bank of the South Canadian river.

Johnny Heskett smells the hog bait, a mixture of corn, maple syrup and diesel fuel.

Johnny Heskett sets bait on a snare.

Hog track tattoos on Johnny Heskett's neck, showing his dedication to the sport.

Johnny Heskett walks the bank of the South Canadian River after a fruitless hunting trip near Indianola.