John Butler is a third generation farmer in Wagoner, Okla.

He works seven days a week running his crops and dairy farm, with the help of his father and four-year-old son.

John attended college in Oklahoma and received a degree in business, only to return to a life and love of farming.

What John enjoys most about farming is the days he can spend with his son, which is something he could not do at any other job, he said.

"He feeds the babies for me. He's learning life lessons as he gets older. He learns responsibility."

It is uncommon to find farmers in Northeastern Oklahoma that make their entire living off of farming with no other source of income, but John is one of the few exceptions.

"We do okay," Butler said. "It's tough, but we're pretty diverse."

John, with the help of his dad and other family members, raises dairy and beef cows in addition to raising crops of wheat, soy beans, and corn.

"Between all that, something will make it that year," he said.

"Some days it feels like we ought to do one and stick with it, but I got a little bit of A.D.D. in me. I like to do different things."

John Butler is holding on to a way of life that he grew up with and h wants to instill the same values and life lessons in his children.